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  • Spiritual Advancement

    The more one advances spiritually, the more he becomes humble.

  • Relationship

    Stay away from those who are envious of Krishna, help those who are innocent, serve those who are senior to you, keep loving relationship with those who are equal to you.

  • The greatest Danger

    What is the greatest danger? Greatest danger is coming to the cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.

  • Material Desires

    We should ask ourselves, am I the speaker? If you want some credit by speaking, then you are not the speaker. You are dancing and chanting in front of deity, if you think of people to see and give you name, fame, adoration; then you are not really chanting. This is not the example shown by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates.

  • Materialistic life vs Spiritual Life

    Materialistic life means life of sense gratification. Spiritual life means trying to please Krishna.

  • Eternal bliss

    Aim of life is to get eternal bliss, cinmaya-ananda.

  • Inviting Maya

    Srila Prabhupada told his disciples, “you have 3 main defects – 1. You are very restless. You change everything. 2. You are not much afraid of maya 3. You allow too much free mixing between opposite genders.”

  • Meditate on

    It took three lifetimes to Bharat Maharaja to go Back to Godhead. Then what about us? We have to meditate on this.

  • Characteristics

    Devotional life is dynamic, not static.

  • Eligibility

    One may do a lot of service, but to control six anarthas (kama, krodha lobha etc.), that is difficult, very difficult. You will definitely get some credit for your service, but if you want to go back Home, back to Godhead, you must control these anarthas. Krishna is situated in pure goodness which is free from any tinge of these bad qualities.

  • Criticism

    Simply sitting in mouse holes and criticizing others will not work. There are many things which are making so much sound like radios, televisions. All should be utilized for preaching purpose.

  • Seriousness

    Finish you job in one life of going back to Godhead, so that you don't have to come again and again and get kicks of maya. Guru is there to help you.

  • Attraction to Krishna

    After doing one's dharma, whatever it may be, if he does not develop love of Godhead, attraction to Krishna's name, beauty, pastimes, whatever he did is nothing but only waste of labour.

  • Negative Attachment

    If we have got even iota of attachment to anything other than Krishna, we have to go there. We cannot go back to Godhead.

  • Krishna is the centre of Attraction

    In the spiritual world, family life is there, but the actual attraction is Krishna. Mother Yashoda is not that much attached to Nanda maharaja as much she is attached to Krishna. Same is true for Nanda Maharaja also. We should know this. So whether one is a vana-prastha, sanyasi or grihastha, main attraction is Krishna.

  • Dedicated to Guru

    Brahmachari – He is doing so much austerity of getting up for mangal arati, cooking for the Guru, thinking that everything he possesses actually belongs to his Guru and completely dedicating his life in the service of Guru. So God is watching that this man is doing so much austerity for his Guru. Prabhupada says “If somebody can remain a brahmachari, 75% of his chances are there of going back to Godhead if he strictly follows his Guru's instruction.

  • Real Business

    Our business is to develop attachment to Krishna. Actually a devotee wants to become a humble servant of Krishna and a pure devotee.

  • Changing Instructions

    Prabhupada said, “Don't change what has been taught to you. If you change, then everything will be finished”.

  • Practical Application

    One who does not taste honey, how much he tastes sugar, molasses, guda, yogurt, he cannot know the taste of honey. Better to open the Jar of honey and taste it. And then have the Knowledge of Honey.

  • Love of Krishna

    Prabhupada says that you have to feel separation from Krishna. Bhakti Siddhanta Thakur says, “If father has to teach the son how to love father-mother, this will be too much. He should feel himself ”. We should know. Is Krishna not our father? We should ask ourselves. Except Krishna and acharyas, no one is our real well – wisher. We have to have some realisation.

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