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  • Positive thinking

    Always think positive. Sometimes you feel disturbed, frustrated. This may be mercy of Krishna. So take it positively and have patience also.

  • Carrying Out The Orders of The Guru

    Without proper sadhana, without having unflinching faith in the words of sad-guru, without being disciplined, without being trained one cannot carry out the orders of the Guru.

  • Think of Krishna

    You think of Krishna and Krishna will think of you.

  • Key to Quick Advancement

    Chanting before the deities, Tulasi and Sad-guru gives quick advancement.

  • Prasad Standard

    One should take prasada cooked by devotees, and what Krishna likes. Otherwise you can't stay in devotional life.

  • Desires

    “na te vidu svartha-gati hi Vishnum” – Those who don't know the ultimate goal of life is to please Krishna, they have got unlimited material desires. But the devotee is always happy & satisfied because he always desires to please Krishna.

  • Full Obedience

    Unless you are fully obedient to the spiritual master, it is not possible to follow his instructions. Unless you follow the instructions of the spiritual master, you can't be successful in spiritual life because everything depends on the spiritual master's pleasure upon you.

  • Enjoy Mangal-arati

    Finish 16 rounds before mangala-arati so that you can enjoy mangala-arati.

  • Vaishnava Platform

    Even if you have brahminical qualities, it is of no use unless you become a devotee of Krishna. A vaishnava is higher than a brahmana.

  • Reciprocation

    If you get something from someone, you must reciprocate. Otherwise you have to come again and pay. So whatever you get, reciprocate. Don't take burden.

  • Achara

    You must set up example. Then you can teach.

  • Spiritual Integrity

    In the material world, people are fighting for their selfish motives. But Srila Prabhupada has made Iskcon so that everyone can work together for the pleasure of Krishna.

  • Setting Goal

    Our goal is how to become Krishna conscious, to associate with sadhus, to become attached to Krishna, to serve Krishna.”

  • Rarity of Human Life

    Human Life is Sudurlabha. Durlabha means rare. Sudurlabha means rarest of the rare. Make the best use of every second

  • Spiritual Advancement

    The more one advances spiritually, the more he becomes humble.

  • Meditate on

    It took three lifetimes to Bharat Maharaja to go Back to Godhead. Then what about us? We have to meditate on this.

  • Characteristics

    Devotional life is dynamic, not static.

  • Eligibility

    One may do a lot of service, but to control six anarthas (kama, krodha lobha etc.), that is difficult, very difficult. You will definitely get some credit for your service, but if you want to go back Home, back to Godhead, you must control these anarthas. Krishna is situated in pure goodness which is free from any tinge of these bad qualities.

  • Criticism

    Simply sitting in mouse holes and criticizing others will not work. There are many things which are making so much sound like radios, televisions. All should be utilized for preaching purpose.

  • Seriousness

    Finish you job in one life of going back to Godhead, so that you don't have to come again and again and get kicks of maya. Guru is there to help you.

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