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  • Fun

    Krishna Consciousness means everyday spiritual fun.

  • Life and Soul

    If you make Guru's words as your life and soul, then your life will be successful.

  • Effects of Sankirtan

    Prabhupada says that one time we should become like a child before the Lord. Spontaneously chant & dance. Then you will find that a lot of dirty things are gone away from the heart.

  • Training

    We can shape a green bamboo as we desire, but old bamboo cannot be changed. If we try hard, it will break. So it is better to be trained as a devotee from early age.

  • Be Humble

    There is no end for perfection. If overnight you say, ‘I have become perfect', then maya will check, “Let me see how perfect you are!” Rather, be humble and say, “I am trying”.

  • Commitment

    Initiation is a kind of registration.The main thing is how sincere, serious, dedicated and honest you are. If you are committed to Sri Guru & Vaishnavas, then you will surely progress in spiritual life.

  • Revealation

    Don't jump hastly into some work. Pray to your Guru in mangal arati time, brahma muhurta. Krishna is within your heart. He will reveal from within. You should see whatever you are thinking to do, Is it on the way to please your Guru.

  • Chant as much as possible

    16 rounds are nothing. Chant as much as possible. 16 rounds are minimum.

  • Answers to all Questions

    Don't talk while chanting. Hari-nama can answer all your questions.

  • Real Medicine for Heart

    You may feel this chanting, dancing, hearing, discussing Krishna katha to be imposed upon you. But this is the real medicine of your disease of immemorial lifetimes. The doctor who has prescribed you the medicine, if you have faith in him, you take medicine regularly and sincerely, then you are sure to be cured. It may take some time depending upon how chronic the disease is. Be patient. Be sure.

  • Real Diksha

    Guru is like an axe who cuts the attachments deep within one's heart. Real diksha means that he has no attachment to anything of this material world.

  • Krishna's Liking

    Offer Krishna what he likes to eat. Not that I will offer Krishna what i like.

  • Only Dharma

    There is actually one dharma, love of Godhead. Dharma means you love God & automatically you will love all living entities because they are also children of Krishna.

  • Inquiring Honestly

    If you are doing bhajan properly, Krishna will give you intelligence. If intelligence is not coming, then understand that there may be something wrong with me. I am not doing proper sadhana, not doing devotional service with joy, doing everything mechanically, having enjoying spirit in bhakti, behaving with Guru like a materialistic worldly person, not telling him what my internal problem is. If you won't tell doctor exactly what your problem is, tell something else, but he is judging the nerve that the disease is different than what you are telling, then how will he cure you?

  • Remembering Krishna

    Why are you thinking unnecessarily how things will be maintained? Who are you to think of all these things. There is someone who is always thinking about you. Better you think of Him and how to serve Him.

  • Qualification of Guru

    Guru means Sad-guru, otherwise he cannot take you back to godhead.

  • Positive thinking

    Always think positive. Sometimes you feel disturbed, frustrated. This may be mercy of Krishna. So take it positively and have patience also.

  • Carrying Out The Orders of The Guru

    Without proper sadhana, without having unflinching faith in the words of sad-guru, without being disciplined, without being trained one cannot carry out the orders of the Guru.

  • Think of Krishna

    You think of Krishna and Krishna will think of you.

  • Key to Quick Advancement

    Chanting before the deities, Tulasi and Sad-guru gives quick advancement.

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