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  • Hankering

    Devotees never hanker for anything material. They simply hanker for service to Krishna.

  • Choice of Learning

    One who strictly follows what Sad-guru says, he doesn't have to learn in a hard way. Prabhupada says that intelligent, 'su-medhasa' listens to experienced devotees and acts accordingly. One who goes by the dictations of his own mind, then he has to learn in a hard way.

  • Chant Loudly

    Whenever there is some problem, chant loudly before the deities.

  • Samadhi

    Krishna consciousness means Samadhi. One should always be absorbed in thinking of Krishna. Every day we should practice. Then Krishna will be always thinking of us.

  • Mood of chanting

    We should not finish our rounds as a duty. Chanting is like a cry of a child for the mother. We should chant in the mood Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave. We should feel like we are now separated from the lord. How can we feel comfortable? No! The holy name is Krishna. But we are not feeling association of Krishna. So we must pray heartfully.

  • Krishna's Concern

    Sometimes Krishna gives what you don't want. You don't want tribulations. You want only joy. However, sometimes Krishna doesn't give what you ask because you can misuse it. He is very careful for devotees.

  • Result of not Hearing

    One who doesn't hear from Guru properly, he will not advance spiritually. If a disciple doesn't get a clear understanding of what the desire of the spiritual master is, then he becomes bewildered and may not last long in spiritual life.

  • Secrets of Chanting

    Brahma muhurta is the best time to chant. As the day increases, it becomes difficult to concentrate. Prabhupada says that 99% spiritual advancement depends on chanting only. So chant offenseless and attentively. Even a fraction of second should not be wasted.

  • Distribute Prabhupada's Books

    One who will distribute Prabhupada's books, he will go back to Godhead.

  • Ask Guru

    Ask Guru what he wants from you.

  • Sufferings

    Sufferings and troubles are the mercy of the lord. If everything is going normally, then heartful prayers will not come. And you cannot pray mechanically.

  • Read Prabhupada's books

    Read Srila Prabhupada's books. All realizations are there.

  • Do what Guru says

    1. Don't see what others are doing. Do what Guru says. You may not be recognised by others. But that will please Guru and Krishna.

  • Reactions of not following

    If a disciple doesn't follow sincerely, then Guru has to suffer physically & mentally also. So if a disciple has some love for his Guru, he will follow rules & regulations strictly.

  • Absorption

    Devotee means he is always absorbed in Krishna's service and Chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

  • Trap of Maya

    The moment we are not engaged in Krishna's service, at once we are in maya.

  • Fun

    Krishna Consciousness means everyday spiritual fun.

  • Life and Soul

    If you make Guru's words as your life and soul, then your life will be successful.

  • Effects of Sankirtan

    Prabhupada says that one time we should become like a child before the Lord. Spontaneously chant & dance. Then you will find that a lot of dirty things are gone away from the heart.

  • Training

    We can shape a green bamboo as we desire, but old bamboo cannot be changed. If we try hard, it will break. So it is better to be trained as a devotee from early age.

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