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  • Advancement

    One makes advancement in devotional life according to one's faith.

  • Treasures

    Disciple should get all the treasure what Guru has got.

  • Quality

    Krishna says that my devotee is never to be vanquished. And He reciprocates according to the quality or degree of the devotional service rendered.

  • Mood of Emergency

    Imagine there is a bomb in the room and you are trying to find an exit how to escape. We would try our best. Similarly we should chant our rounds in the same spirit that Maya is ready to attack. So we must try our best to surrender to Krishna.

  • No Limits

    Actually 16 rounds is nothing. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said 64 rounds.

  • Give your Best

    Give your best to Krishna, then you can never think of what Krishna can give you.

  • Test of Determination

    Krishna wants to test your determination, how much faith you have. Sometimes there is a risk of life in devotional service. Can you take risk? You can take risk only if you have faith that Krishna will protect me.

  • Conviction

    This bhakti process is just like taking food. If you are eating, you feel satisfied. You don't need to ask others. Action speaks how much conviction you have got.

  • Source of Knowledge

    Knowledge comes through service.

  • Inquiring Properly

    After the disappearance of Guru, there is trouble. So the disciple should inquire properly till Guru is physically present. He should inquire about his field of work and the way to do that.

  • Work more than Maya

    Work hard for Krishna. If you have 50 services in a day, you plan to do 70 services. That is right. Work more than maya. Then she will have no time to disturb you.

  • All the Answers are there

    Everything is there in Srila Prabhupada's books. You will find all the answers. If you don't find answer, read again and again. You will get the answer.

  • Purchasing Ticket

    One cannot come to Vrindavan by purchasing a ticket from any part of the world. You can't realize Vrindavan. When our mind will be purified by giving up desire for sense gratification, only then we can realise Vrindavan.

  • What does Krishna Consciousness Means

    Krishna Consciousness means lots of Krishna-katha.

  • Recognition

    Our aim of life is to be recognised by a pure devotee of Lord Krishna.

  • Anarthas

    By increasing your service towards Guru & Gauranga, anarthas will go away by their blessings.

  • Ocean of Love

    Check deep within your heart! There is an ocean of love for Krishna which you had locked since many lifetimes.

  • Bhoga

    Staying in dhama will be bhoga if you don't serve.

  • Upadeshamrita

    Rupa Goswami wrote a book called Upadeshamrita to instruct us. Prabhupada wants us to read this book and follow its instructions very seriously.

  • Tests

    Maya is very strong. Krishna tests us. Maya comes in different ways. All your bhajana will be tested. Make your arms ready

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