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  • Commitment

    Initiation is a kind of registration.The main thing is how sincere, serious, dedicated and honest you are. If you are committed to Sri Guru & Vaishnavas, then you will surely progress in spiritual life.

  • Give your Best

    Give your best to Krishna, then you can never think of what Krishna can give you.

  • Mood of Emergency

    Imagine there is a bomb in the room and you are trying to find an exit how to escape. We would try our best. Similarly we should chant our rounds in the same spirit that Maya is ready to attack. So we must try our best to surrender to Krishna.

  • Chant as much as possible

    16 rounds are nothing. Chant as much as possible. 16 rounds are minimum.

  • Be Humble

    There is no end for perfection. If overnight you say, ‘I have become perfect', then maya will check, “Let me see how perfect you are!” Rather, be humble and say, “I am trying”.

  • Training

    We can shape a green bamboo as we desire, but old bamboo cannot be changed. If we try hard, it will break. So it is better to be trained as a devotee from early age.

  • Fun

    Krishna Consciousness means everyday spiritual fun.

  • Life and Soul

    If you make Guru's words as your life and soul, then your life will be successful.

  • Do what Guru says

    1. Don't see what others are doing. Do what Guru says. You may not be recognised by others. But that will please Guru and Krishna.

  • Spiritual Intelligence

    Prabhupada used to say, “This Krishna Consciousness movement is for intelligent persons. Many may come but only the intelligent will survive”.

  • Inabiliity

    If you are trying sincerely, then Krishna will consider that and won't mind your inabilities.

  • Secret of Success

    Unless you are obedient, submissive, surrendered and eager to carry out Guru's order, you cannot achieve any success.

  • Topmost Priority

    Our first and foremost duty is to chant minimum 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

  • Bliss Personified

    Happiness will come only when one associates with bliss personified….Krishna

  • Sense Gratification

    Where there is sense gratification, there is no Vrindavan. What Krishna gives, you be happy with that. Live with bare necessities. Then Radharani will allow you to stay here. Live very simple life. Then you can stay. Don't do aparadha to any living entity.

  • Moulding Life

    Mould you life in such a way that not even a single moment should pass without Krishna's service.

  • Eligibility of the Listener

    Bhagavatam should be heard by dhiras, who have controlled their minds & senses.

  • Advancement

    One makes advancement in devotional life according to one's faith.

  • Treasures

    Disciple should get all the treasure what Guru has got.

  • Quality

    Krishna says that my devotee is never to be vanquished. And He reciprocates according to the quality or degree of the devotional service rendered.

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