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  • Symptoms

    Anyone staying since long time in Krishna consciousness movement must have some purity. He must be strictly following Guru's instructions.

  • No Plans

    Don't make your own plans. Assist in Krishna's plans.

  • Enthusiasm

    If we chant and hear enthusiastically, then memory will come.

  • Shelter of Abhay Charana

    Great demigods are fearful of Hiranyakashipu, but little boy Prahlada is fearless. Because Prahlada took shelter of Krishna (Abhaya Charana)”. So, if you take shelter of Krishna, you can feel the presence of the Lord.

  • Sense Control

    Who can say that i have control over three modes of material nature and the senses? Only a devotee can control senses by engaging them in Krishna's service.

  • Vigilance

    Purity of consciousness depends upon purity of mind. Purity of mind depends on purity of actions. How you eat, sleep and whom you associate with matters a lot.

  • No Entertainment

    To give somebody entertainment is not preaching.

  • Risk for Krishna

    Those who are preaching, they have to take risk. Sometimes they will be hurt, harassed, humiliated. That's why they are in the heart of the Lord. In this movement everyone has to be a preacher.

  • Real Dharma

    Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to Krishna's name, form, beauty, pastimes, dham. So that one can go back to Krishna. That is real dharma.

  • Cry for Krishna

    Cry for Krishna. Associate with devotees who cry for Krishna. Then you will learn how to cry for Krishna.

  • Tolerating Troubles & Obstacles

    If some troubles and obstacles arise in executing Guru-seva, tolerate and be humble. In this way, you are developing vaishnava qualities and becoming eligible to go back to Godhead.

  • Advancement

    One makes advancement in devotional life according to one's faith.

  • Quality

    Krishna says that my devotee is never to be vanquished. And He reciprocates according to the quality or degree of the devotional service rendered.

  • Mood of Emergency

    Imagine there is a bomb in the room and you are trying to find an exit how to escape. We would try our best. Similarly we should chant our rounds in the same spirit that Maya is ready to attack. So we must try our best to surrender to Krishna.

  • Treasures

    Disciple should get all the treasure what Guru has got.

  • Eligibility of the Listener

    Bhagavatam should be heard by dhiras, who have controlled their minds & senses.

  • Samadhi

    Krishna consciousness means Samadhi. One should always be absorbed in thinking of Krishna. Every day we should practice. Then Krishna will be always thinking of us.

  • Chant Loudly

    Whenever there is some problem, chant loudly before the deities.

  • Hankering

    Devotees never hanker for anything material. They simply hanker for service to Krishna.

  • Mood of chanting

    We should not finish our rounds as a duty. Chanting is like a cry of a child for the mother. We should chant in the mood Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave. We should feel like we are now separated from the lord. How can we feel comfortable? No! The holy name is Krishna. But we are not feeling association of Krishna. So we must pray heartfully.

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