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  • Ideal Vaishnava

    Ideal vaishnava means he is not envious of anybody. He is always thinking how to take others back to Godhead.

  • Attitude of a Vaishnava

    You should develop attitude of a Vaishnava and maintain vaishnava etiquettes.Then the process will be right. In absence of these things, everything will be hollow. This formal initiation will have no meaning & value.

  • Obstacles

    Unless someone is pious, he finds very difficult to surrender.

  • Anything & Everything

    Holy name can give you anything and everything.

  • Krishna's Relation

    If a child does something wrong, father will criticize and punish the child, but later forgives him, and takes him near him. If ordinary material parents can be so loving towards the child, then what to speak of Krishna and His representative!

  • Be Thoughtful

    Opportunity is knocking, “Tak Tak Tak”. Devotee is supposed to be thoughtful, How much have I become purified?

  • Topmost Judge

    Pray sincerely to Krishna. He knows your heart. He is the topmost judge. He can judge your heart's desires.

  • Bhakti gets Reduced

    Many people do devotional service but commit offenses to other devotees. Then bhakti gets reduced.

  • Secret

    If Krishna is pleased, you will feel pleased. This is automatic. If you are not feeling happy, that means Krishna is not happy by your service.

  • Patience

    Don't be envious. Don't find faults with others. Be humble & tolerant. Have patience in all circumstances.

  • Cause of Suffering

    Always think positive. Never think negative. No one is the cause of our sufferings. Only our karmas are the cause. So we must tolerate also.

  • Sense Control

    Who can say that i have control over three modes of material nature and the senses? Only a devotee can control senses by engaging them in Krishna's service.

  • Real Dharma

    Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to Krishna's name, form, beauty, pastimes, dham. So that one can go back to Krishna. That is real dharma.

  • Cry for Krishna

    Cry for Krishna. Associate with devotees who cry for Krishna. Then you will learn how to cry for Krishna.

  • Tolerating Troubles & Obstacles

    If some troubles and obstacles arise in executing Guru-seva, tolerate and be humble. In this way, you are developing vaishnava qualities and becoming eligible to go back to Godhead.

  • No Plans

    Don't make your own plans. Assist in Krishna's plans.

  • Potency

    Only by chanting hari-nama, one can go back to godhead. No need to do big-big things. Big posts can't help.

  • Pray Sincerely

    Because of previous sinful activities, one may not be able to surrender completely. But if one prays sincerely, then Krishna will forgive him.

  • No Entertainment

    To give somebody entertainment is not preaching.

  • No Fear

    Life will become full of bliss because Krishna is present. He is called Abhay Charana. Abhay means if you surrender to Krishna, then you have no fear.

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