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  • Claiming Mercy

    One who is more fallen, he can claim more mercy of Lord Chaitanya. 

  • Pray to Prabhupada

    Grandfather is more generous towards you than the father. You should sometimes pray to Prabhupada spontaneously. Pray for pure devotional service.

  • Praying in Danger

    The more you are in danger, more you are in difficulty, you can feelingly pray. But you are in ‘aaraam', one who is in aaraam, he cannot feelingly pray to God. Yes or not? Yes! When you are crying, then you call Krishna feelingly. You are not crying, you are eating something you like enjoyable, you won't cry that much feelingly, you won't that feelingly call out for Krishna from the core of your heart. Yes or not?

  • Cry for Krishna

    Cry for Krishna. Associate with devotees who cry for Krishna. Then you will learn how to cry for Krishna.

  • Anything & Everything

    Holy name can give you anything and everything.

  • Repeating As It Is

    I am simply repeating what Prabhupada said. I am a follower of Prabhupada. I know nothing.

  • No Plans

    Don't make your own plans. Assist in Krishna's plans.

  • Tolerating Troubles & Obstacles

    If some troubles and obstacles arise in executing Guru-seva, tolerate and be humble. In this way, you are developing vaishnava qualities and becoming eligible to go back to Godhead.

  • Honesty

    Give your best to Krishna. Work hard. Then Krishna will be pleased. Be sincere. We should be honest to ourselves at least.

  • Attitude of a Vaishnava

    You should develop attitude of a Vaishnava and maintain vaishnava etiquettes.Then the process will be right. In absence of these things, everything will be hollow. This formal initiation will have no meaning & value.

  • Symptoms of a devotee

    Symptom of a devotee is that he will not hurt even an ant knowing that Krishna is within the heart of all living entities.

  • Hurting Krishna

    Don't criticise other devotees. It hurts Krishna.

  • Brahmana & Vaishnava

    The degree of brahminical qualities tells how advanced you are. Then the question of becoming a vaishnava comes.

  • Sense Control

    Who can say that i have control over three modes of material nature and the senses? Only a devotee can control senses by engaging them in Krishna's service.

  • Real Dharma

    Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to Krishna's name, form, beauty, pastimes, dham. So that one can go back to Krishna. That is real dharma.

  • Envy

    One who is envious, he can't become pure.

  • Obstacles

    Unless someone is pious, he finds very difficult to surrender.

  • Topmost Judge

    Pray sincerely to Krishna. He knows your heart. He is the topmost judge. He can judge your heart's desires.

  • Patience

    Don't be envious. Don't find faults with others. Be humble & tolerant. Have patience in all circumstances.

  • Meek and Humble People

    Only the meek and humble can enter into the kingdom of God.

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