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  • Claiming Mercy

    One who is more fallen, he can claim more mercy of Lord Chaitanya. 

  • Pray to Prabhupada

    Grandfather is more generous towards you than the father. You should sometimes pray to Prabhupada spontaneously. Pray for pure devotional service.

  • Samskaras

    Due to previous samskaras, one may be expert in some kind of activities, but purity is a different thing.

  • Symptoms

    Anyone staying since long time in Krishna consciousness movement must have some purity. He must be strictly following Guru's instructions.

  • Stick to one Person

    Stick to one person like a chaste lady. Don't try to take advice from here and there, otherwise you will fall down.

  • Parikrama

    One should go for parikrama, because in parikrama, everything is there.Shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, so that we can easily develop attachment for Krishna.

  • Shelter of Abhay Charana

    Great demigods are fearful of Hiranyakashipu, but little boy Prahlada is fearless. Because Prahlada took shelter of Krishna (Abhaya Charana)”. So, if you take shelter of Krishna, you can feel the presence of the Lord.

  • Tolerate & Co-operate

    Always there will be doubts. Always there will be disturbance. Always there will be injustice. Among all these, tolerate & co-operate.

  • Staying Pure

    1. Somebody asked Srila Prabhupada why so many are leaving? Prabhupada said,“You should be surprise if someone stays. It is not easy to stay because you have to stay pure. 2. Whatever you do, if purity is gone, character is gone, then everything is gone.

  • Submit Humbly

    One should give up false ego. Even if one makes mistakes, he should submit humbly.

  • Enthusiasm

    If we chant and hear enthusiastically, then memory will come.

  • Simply Repeat

    Prabhupada says, “speak what i have said. This is preaching. You are not the preacher. I am the preacher. You simply repeat my words”.

  • Pray Sincerely

    Because of previous sinful activities, one may not be able to surrender completely. But if one prays sincerely, then Krishna will forgive him.

  • Freedom by Surrender

    Give one life in service of Krishna and see how He responds.

  • Gain

    If you simply surrender, you will be decorated with all the vaishnava qualities.

  • Simply Serving

    If you go on serving simply, Krishna will give you everything.

  • Krishna's Relation

    If a child does something wrong, father will criticize and punish the child, but later forgives him, and takes him near him. If ordinary material parents can be so loving towards the child, then what to speak of Krishna and His representative!

  • Potency

    Only by chanting hari-nama, one can go back to godhead. No need to do big-big things. Big posts can't help.

  • Live in Present

    Live in present. Make this present moment Krishna conscious. Don't worry about past and future.

  • No Fear

    Life will become full of bliss because Krishna is present. He is called Abhay Charana. Abhay means if you surrender to Krishna, then you have no fear.

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