Harinam and Book Distribution in Indonesia

Event Date
June 02, 2013

Food for life, Harinam, and book distribution is the life and soul of devotees. Prabhupada says, " Our philosophy is, if anyone comes, let him take prasada, chant Hare Krishna and be happy."

"....If we believe that Krishna is providing and maintaining everyone, then why should we be misers? This mean loosing faith in Krishna, and thinking that we are the doers and suppliers. We are confident that krishna will supply! Let the whole world come, we can feed them" (Srila Prabhupada  to all Iskcon temple presidents, 18th January, 1977)

" This prasadam distribution is very important. Do it nicely. Our main program are distributing prasadam and sankirtana." (Srila Prabhupada to Brisakapi dasa, 19th January, 1977)

The Krishna consciousness movement is based on this principle chant Hare krishna as much as possible, and distribute prasadam.

The devotees all over the world take Srila Prabhupada words as their power in helping the general mass of people through "food for life" program and sankirtana. The devotees in Bali, Indonesia also do this program under the guidance of H.H. Subhag Swami Maharaja. Maharaja encourage the devotees to do food for life for the welfare of people. The devotees do the program every week in diffrent places in Bali, Such as Denpasar: Lapangan Puputan Badung (Puputan Badung park), Bajra Sandhi Monument, Sanur Beach, Singaraja, Negara, and so on. Food for life program is organized by Brajanabha prabhu, while the harinama sankirtana is organized by Dinanath Prabhu.

Food for life, sankirtan, and book distribution in Bajrasandhi Monument

The devotees more enthusiastic did food for life program because H.H. Subhaga Swami maharaja was personally present in Bali to inspire the devotees. The devotees did food for life and harinam in Bhajrasandi monument on Sunday morning, 2n

d June, 2013. This spot is very suitable because many people come for morning excercise and the goverment use this area as "free car day" area from 06.00 am until 10.00 am. The devotees distributedbubur Kacang Hijau (green mung dal porridge) to the people who came to this monument for excercising. The devotees prepared the porridge early in the morning before manggala arati and offered it to the Lord. This porridge prasadam was suitable for the people after doing exercise. The devotees distributed 1200 glass of prasadam. People were very eager to visit the devotees and ask for the prasadam. The devotees also did harinam sankirtan and book distribution. All people who came there listened the Hare Krisna Mahamantra. Many people also visited our book stand and bought many books. On that day 80 srila Prabhupada books were distributed. The Sunday food for life, harinam sankirtan, and book distribution was ended by short class by H.H.Subhag Swami Maharaja who mentioned the importance of food for life and sankirtana- specifically Maharaj encouraged the devotees saying that Prabhupada will be so much pleased with all devotees there. All devotees were happy because the program ran smoothly.

Food for life, sankirtan, and book distribution in Lapangan Puputan Badung (puputan Badung park)

City life is very busy. Most of the people face stress because of their work. They try to find some activities to relieve their stress condition. One of the places in Denpasar which is the favorite for the people is Puputan Badung Park. It is located in the heart of Denpasar. Many people come here every Saturday night. They come with their family, friends and others. This condition is very suitable for doing sankirtan and book distribution, and food for life. Some devotees do kirtan on the stage, some others do kirtan around the park, as the devotees melodiously sang in the sankirtan, some go around to distribute Srila Prabhupada's book. This park is like an evening market full of people and merchants. People enjoy The Maha Mantra sang by the devotees. The devotees also distribute prasadam. On one occasion devotees also distributed packed rice prasadam to people in the park.

Food for life, sankirtan, and book distribution in Sanur Beach, Denpasar Bali

Sanur beach is one of the most famous beaches in the world. The beach serve as the best viewing place of the sun rise. People who visit Bali say that their trip to Bali incomplete without a visit to Sanur beach. Many people gather early morning waiting for the sun rise. The devotees also come here early morning to the beach but not for viewing sunrise but for harinam, book distribution, and food for life. This program is done every Sunday morning. The devotees walk along the beach while singing The Hare Krishna Mahamantra. Some devotees distribute cookies for the people there and other distribute Srila prabhupada's book. People who come to the beach are foreigner, students from java, and local people. Dinanath prabhu said that he had met a group of visitors who came from Java and who a moslem bought more than one Bhagavad Gita. They said that they just found such a book they were searching for a long time. They were very happy to receive Bhagavad Gita as it is from the devotees..



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