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Hearing from Realized Soul


By Subhag Swami

How will we know how much Krishna Consciousness we have developed? As much you have developed the eagerness to hear Krishna Katha, that much you have developed Krishna Consciousness. That is why it is said that hearing is so important. That's why organizing classes is so important. Hearing Krishna katha is very important, especially hearing from a realized soul is better. Prabhupada is a realized soul. And we are just repeating what Srila Prabhupada says. That's why I am not saying that it is a lecture. What Prabhupada said, I just little elaborate and check out how much we know about what Prabhupada is saying.

In that case, if we follow what Prabhupada says, we will get Prabhupada's mercy. Is that clear? Are you able to understand? I am asking that even if you don't listen me, atleast listen to Prabhupada. Prabhupada is experienced. If we listen to him, then we will get his mercy. Is that clear? If we follow his instructions with all our heart, then we will get his mercy. His mercy and Krishna's mercy is same.


(Edited by Pitambar Das)



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Nice article

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