Defining Bhakti in One Sentence


By Subhag Swami

Prabhupada sometime tells "Read my books first, and you digest it. Have you done it? Then you read other books. Otherwise you will misunderstand me. Are you able to put into practice in your own life and realize what you read? introspect. Everything is there in my books. It may take your whole life to understand it. Don't hastily get into reading other books."

Everything required for you to know is there in Srila Prabhupada's books. It may be in a condensed form or just in few words in Srila prabhupada's books. In his lectures, may be it is in more detailed manner. But in writings sometimes it may be in very condensed form. Just like prabhupada explains in one sentense what is bhakti? Bhakti means to love god. Bhakti means day by day increasing attchment to god. When this attachment reaches its culmination, then it is called love of godhead. Without expecting anything from Krishna, you are increasing your attachment to Krishna's form, beauty, pastimes, Krishna's place of pastimes, Krishna's devotees and serving them. Do you like it? It is very good sign. That means you are making some tangible advancement. This is the test.

And as much you are increasing attachment to Krishna, that much you will develop detachment to this material world. This is very easy to understand. Yes? Is that clear? More you develop attachment to all these things for Krishna, in this way you will know. Not by the dress that i am brahmachari. Otherwise Bhaktivinoda Thakur is a grihastha, and sanyasis used to go to him to learn Vaishnava siddhantas.


(Edited by Pitambar Das)

So these Varnashram considerations are not very high class. But vaishnava platform is very high. Brahmacari or grhastha, all these are varsnasrama dharma's considerations. If you become a pure Vaishanava, then it is higher than sanyasi or anything. Thus a grihasta, if he is a Vaishnava, he or she is more advanced than even a sanyasi. Sanyasi means varnashram dharma. Brahmana means Varnashram dharma. But in order to become that, you need to go through this. Is that clear?

Simply by attaining vaishnava platform, there is no need to consider all these statuses. But one has to go through these stages to attain vaishnava platform. Prabhupada said that one who is vaishnava, he automatically have Brahminical qualities. 




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