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Spiritual Insight

One who is more fallen, he can claim more mercy of Lord Chaitanya. 

Grandfather is more generous towards you than the father. You should sometimes pray to Prabhupada spontaneously. Pray for pure devotional service.

Even after coming to the Bhava stage, Jada Bharata did the slightest mistake by developing compassion towards a deer. And we have got so many material attachments in this world.

Symptom of a devotee is that he will not hurt even an ant knowing that Krishna is within the heart of all living entities.

Unless someone is pious, he finds very difficult to surrender.

Cry for Krishna. Associate with devotees who cry for Krishna. Then you will learn how to cry for Krishna.

Who can say that i have control over three modes of material nature and the senses? Only a devotee can control senses by engaging them in Krishna's service.

You should develop attitude of a Vaishnava and maintain vaishnava etiquettes.Then the process will be right. In absence of these things, everything will be hollow. This formal initiation will have no meaning & value.

Pray sincerely to Krishna. He knows your heart. He is the topmost judge. He can judge your heart's desires.

To do devotional service, to chant attentively, one has to be pure in mind. To be pure in mind, one has to be pure in action. To be pure in action, one has to be pure in what he eats and with whom he associates.

1. To become assistant of a king, one has to qualify. To become an associate of the Lord, one has to become very godly. 2. If you surrender to God, you will become godly.

Always think positive. Never think negative. No one is the cause of our sufferings. Only our karmas are the cause. So we must tolerate also.

Ideal vaishnava means he is not envious of anybody. He is always thinking how to take others back to Godhead.

Don't criticise other devotees. It hurts Krishna.

If some troubles and obstacles arise in executing Guru-seva, tolerate and be humble. In this way, you are developing vaishnava qualities and becoming eligible to go back to Godhead.

The more you are in danger, more you are in difficulty, you can feelingly pray. But you are in ‘aaraam', one who is in aaraam, he cannot feelingly pray to God. Yes or not? Yes! When you are crying, then you call Krishna feelingly. You are not crying, you are eating something you like enjoyable, you won't cry that much feelingly, you won't that feelingly call out for Krishna from the core of your heart. Yes or not?

Purpose of dharma is to develop attachment to Krishna's name, form, beauty, pastimes, dham. So that one can go back to Krishna. That is real dharma.

Many people do devotional service but commit offenses to other devotees. Then bhakti gets reduced.

The degree of brahminical qualities tells how advanced you are. Then the question of becoming a vaishnava comes.

Don't be envious. Don't find faults with others. Be humble & tolerant. Have patience in all circumstances.

I am simply repeating what Prabhupada said. I am a follower of Prabhupada. I know nothing.

Holy name can give you anything and everything.

Don't make your own plans. Assist in Krishna's plans.

One who is envious, he can't become pure.

Give your best to Krishna. Work hard. Then Krishna will be pleased. Be sincere. We should be honest to ourselves at least.

Those who are preaching, they have to take risk. Sometimes they will be hurt, harassed, humiliated. That's why they are in the heart of the Lord. In this movement everyone has to be a preacher.

One has to be fortunate to see or meet the lord. If you see, in a dream Krishna or deity, He may ask you, you told Me you will give me mango, where is my mango? You have to be fortunate, you have to be pure. These things are happening.

Only the meek and humble can enter into the kingdom of God.

Prabhupada says, “speak what i have said. This is preaching. You are not the preacher. I am the preacher. You simply repeat my words”.

If we chant and hear enthusiastically, then memory will come.

One should give up false ego. Even if one makes mistakes, he should submit humbly.

1. Somebody asked Srila Prabhupada why so many are leaving? Prabhupada said,“You should be surprise if someone stays. It is not easy to stay because you have to stay pure. 2. Whatever you do, if purity is gone, character is gone, then everything is gone.

Always there will be doubts. Always there will be disturbance. Always there will be injustice. Among all these, tolerate & co-operate.

Great demigods are fearful of Hiranyakashipu, but little boy Prahlada is fearless. Because Prahlada took shelter of Krishna (Abhaya Charana)”. So, if you take shelter of Krishna, you can feel the presence of the Lord.

One should go for parikrama, because in parikrama, everything is there.Shravanam, kirtanam, smaranam, so that we can easily develop attachment for Krishna.

Stick to one person like a chaste lady. Don't try to take advice from here and there, otherwise you will fall down.

Anyone staying since long time in Krishna consciousness movement must have some purity. He must be strictly following Guru's instructions.

Due to previous samskaras, one may be expert in some kind of activities, but purity is a different thing.

Because of previous sinful activities, one may not be able to surrender completely. But if one prays sincerely, then Krishna will forgive him.

Give one life in service of Krishna and see how He responds.

If you simply surrender, you will be decorated with all the vaishnava qualities.

1. You should be trinad api sunicha. If someone abuses you, hurts you, humiliates you, even if you are not wrong, still be quite. This is sadhu. If you are not acting like a sadhu, then what is the benefit of putting dress of a sadhu. 2. Don't give trouble to any living entities, either physically, mentally or emotionally.

To give somebody entertainment is not preaching.

Opportunity is knocking, “Tak Tak Tak”. Devotee is supposed to be thoughtful, How much have I become purified?

Krishna das Kaviraja Goswami here considers himself lower than the worm of the stool. We can also say like that. Giving lip service is very easy. Krishna will know what we are actually thinking of ourselves. But a true vaishnava feels like that from inside.

If Krishna is pleased, you will feel pleased. This is automatic. If you are not feeling happy, that means Krishna is not happy by your service.

Purity of consciousness depends upon purity of mind. Purity of mind depends on purity of actions. How you eat, sleep and whom you associate with matters a lot.

Life will become full of bliss because Krishna is present. He is called Abhay Charana. Abhay means if you surrender to Krishna, then you have no fear.

Live in present. Make this present moment Krishna conscious. Don't worry about past and future.

Only by chanting hari-nama, one can go back to godhead. No need to do big-big things. Big posts can't help.

If a child does something wrong, father will criticize and punish the child, but later forgives him, and takes him near him. If ordinary material parents can be so loving towards the child, then what to speak of Krishna and His representative!

If you go on serving simply, Krishna will give you everything.

The moment we are not engaged in Krishna's service, at once we are in maya.

Devotee means he is always absorbed in Krishna's service and Chanting Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

If a disciple doesn't follow sincerely, then Guru has to suffer physically & mentally also. So if a disciple has some love for his Guru, he will follow rules & regulations strictly.

1. Don't see what others are doing. Do what Guru says. You may not be recognised by others. But that will please Guru and Krishna.

Krishna Consciousness means everyday spiritual fun.

If you make Guru's words as your life and soul, then your life will be successful.

Prabhupada says that one time we should become like a child before the Lord. Spontaneously chant & dance. Then you will find that a lot of dirty things are gone away from the heart.

We can shape a green bamboo as we desire, but old bamboo cannot be changed. If we try hard, it will break. So it is better to be trained as a devotee from early age.

There is no end for perfection. If overnight you say, ‘I have become perfect', then maya will check, “Let me see how perfect you are!” Rather, be humble and say, “I am trying”.

Initiation is a kind of registration.The main thing is how sincere, serious, dedicated and honest you are. If you are committed to Sri Guru & Vaishnavas, then you will surely progress in spiritual life.

Read Srila Prabhupada's books. All realizations are there.

Sufferings and troubles are the mercy of the lord. If everything is going normally, then heartful prayers will not come. And you cannot pray mechanically.

Devotees never hanker for anything material. They simply hanker for service to Krishna.

One who strictly follows what Sad-guru says, he doesn't have to learn in a hard way. Prabhupada says that intelligent, 'su-medhasa' listens to experienced devotees and acts accordingly. One who goes by the dictations of his own mind, then he has to learn in a hard way.

Whenever there is some problem, chant loudly before the deities.

Krishna consciousness means Samadhi. One should always be absorbed in thinking of Krishna. Every day we should practice. Then Krishna will be always thinking of us.

We should not finish our rounds as a duty. Chanting is like a cry of a child for the mother. We should chant in the mood Chaitanya Mahaprabhu gave. We should feel like we are now separated from the lord. How can we feel comfortable? No! The holy name is Krishna. But we are not feeling association of Krishna. So we must pray heartfully.

Sometimes Krishna gives what you don't want. You don't want tribulations. You want only joy. However, sometimes Krishna doesn't give what you ask because you can misuse it. He is very careful for devotees.

One who doesn't hear from Guru properly, he will not advance spiritually. If a disciple doesn't get a clear understanding of what the desire of the spiritual master is, then he becomes bewildered and may not last long in spiritual life.

Brahma muhurta is the best time to chant. As the day increases, it becomes difficult to concentrate. Prabhupada says that 99% spiritual advancement depends on chanting only. So chant offenseless and attentively. Even a fraction of second should not be wasted.

One who will distribute Prabhupada's books, he will go back to Godhead.

Ask Guru what he wants from you.

Don't jump hastly into some work. Pray to your Guru in mangal arati time, brahma muhurta. Krishna is within your heart. He will reveal from within. You should see whatever you are thinking to do, Is it on the way to please your Guru.

16 rounds are nothing. Chant as much as possible. 16 rounds are minimum.

Don't talk while chanting. Hari-nama can answer all your questions.

Without proper sadhana, without having unflinching faith in the words of sad-guru, without being disciplined, without being trained one cannot carry out the orders of the Guru.

You think of Krishna and Krishna will think of you.

Chanting before the deities, Tulasi and Sad-guru gives quick advancement.

One should take prasada cooked by devotees, and what Krishna likes. Otherwise you can't stay in devotional life.

“na te vidu svartha-gati hi Vishnum” – Those who don't know the ultimate goal of life is to please Krishna, they have got unlimited material desires. But the devotee is always happy & satisfied because he always desires to please Krishna.

Unless you are fully obedient to the spiritual master, it is not possible to follow his instructions. Unless you follow the instructions of the spiritual master, you can't be successful in spiritual life because everything depends on the spiritual master's pleasure upon you.

Finish 16 rounds before mangala-arati so that you can enjoy mangala-arati.

Even if you have brahminical qualities, it is of no use unless you become a devotee of Krishna. A vaishnava is higher than a brahmana.

If you get something from someone, you must reciprocate. Otherwise you have to come again and pay. So whatever you get, reciprocate. Don't take burden.

Always think positive. Sometimes you feel disturbed, frustrated. This may be mercy of Krishna. So take it positively and have patience also.

Guru means Sad-guru, otherwise he cannot take you back to godhead.

Why are you thinking unnecessarily how things will be maintained? Who are you to think of all these things. There is someone who is always thinking about you. Better you think of Him and how to serve Him.

You may feel this chanting, dancing, hearing, discussing Krishna katha to be imposed upon you. But this is the real medicine of your disease of immemorial lifetimes. The doctor who has prescribed you the medicine, if you have faith in him, you take medicine regularly and sincerely, then you are sure to be cured. It may take some time depending upon how chronic the disease is. Be patient. Be sure.

Guru is like an axe who cuts the attachments deep within one's heart. Real diksha means that he has no attachment to anything of this material world.

1. How we can get peace? If we get free from sinful purposes. 2. Go and ask anybody who is not a bhakta, are you peaceful in mind?” they all would say “No”

Blessings are already there if you sincerely & honestly follow instructions of Srila Prabhupada and spiritual master strictly and seriously.

In the battlefield, the commander asks, ‘march forward!' The soldier starts. He may die. Surely he may die. Some become scared, some don't care. Some become cautious. But one who goes and faces the enemy and carries out the order, he will get the ‘Gold Medal'. You can or cannot, you like or don't like, you must got to do it! If you want to be successful, you must follow the orders of Guru.

Somebody asked Prabhupada what is the result of chanting? Prabhupada says, “The more you chant, more you feel like chanting. That means you are developing attachment.”

Offer Krishna what he likes to eat. Not that I will offer Krishna what i like.

There is actually one dharma, love of Godhead. Dharma means you love God & automatically you will love all living entities because they are also children of Krishna.

If you are doing bhajan properly, Krishna will give you intelligence. If intelligence is not coming, then understand that there may be something wrong with me. I am not doing proper sadhana, not doing devotional service with joy, doing everything mechanically, having enjoying spirit in bhakti, behaving with Guru like a materialistic worldly person, not telling him what my internal problem is. If you won't tell doctor exactly what your problem is, tell something else, but he is judging the nerve that the disease is different than what you are telling, then how will he cure you?

You must set up example. Then you can teach.

Maya is very strong. Krishna tests us. Maya comes in different ways. All your bhajana will be tested. Make your arms ready

If you are trying sincerely, then Krishna will consider that and won't mind your inabilities.

Give your best to Krishna, then you can never think of what Krishna can give you.

Krishna wants to test your determination, how much faith you have. Sometimes there is a risk of life in devotional service. Can you take risk? You can take risk only if you have faith that Krishna will protect me.

Guru sometimes chastises his disciples left and right, uses harsh words. Then again takes him near like a father. One should use everything to become Krishna Conscious.

Whatever service Guru gives, will be heavy. Because of that heaviness and stress, the disciple will be able to get out of maya.

If you want to know the heart of Guru, then you should follow his instructions strictly. Then seeing your sincerity, he will reveal secrets before you.

Every particle of dust of Vrindavan is worshipable. Every tree of Vrindavan is worshipable, and every devotee of Vrindavan is worshipable.

If one takes risks for Krishna by doing book distribution, preaching, then realizations will come.

Prabhupada says, “Every night before going to sleep, read Krishna book, hear Krishna katha. If you are attached to this hearing, then by reading, reading, regularly, one day when you are going to sleep remembering all these things, may be in a dream, Krishna can come. This is perfection.

Since so many lifetimes, you have done so many sins. Why do you expect immediate achievement of perfection? It depends on previous piety. Do you feel deity as God? Is He reciprocating to your prayers? It is not mechanical. Are you feeling change of consciousness? You have read you are not this body, you are soul. How much conviction you have? Your action will tell. Action speaks louder than words.

For coming to satoguna, take satvic Prasadam and rise up early.

1. What is pure devotional service? ‘anyabhilashita-shunyam'….give up the material desire completely. 2. Devotional service must be done in such a way that we forget bodily comforts first, then bodily demands. For this, the service or engagement should be of interest so that we become absorbed in such a way that maya don't disturb us.

Actually 16 rounds is nothing. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu said 64 rounds.

Imagine there is a bomb in the room and you are trying to find an exit how to escape. We would try our best. Similarly we should chant our rounds in the same spirit that Maya is ready to attack. So we must try our best to surrender to Krishna.

Prabhupada used to say, “This Krishna Consciousness movement is for intelligent persons. Many may come but only the intelligent will survive”.

Unless you are obedient, submissive, surrendered and eager to carry out Guru's order, you cannot achieve any success.

Our first and foremost duty is to chant minimum 16 rounds of Hare Krishna Mahamantra.

1. Finish 16 rounds before mangala- arati. 2. Listen to the lectures of Prabhupada and Guru and meditate on that. 3. Read Prabhupada's books. 4. Don't find faults with others. 5. Don't hurt even an ant. 6. Serve Prasadam to others and take at last. Seeing humility, Krishna becomes pleased. 7. Whatever you hear and read, think over that.

Happiness will come only when one associates with bliss personified….Krishna

Where there is sense gratification, there is no Vrindavan. What Krishna gives, you be happy with that. Live with bare necessities. Then Radharani will allow you to stay here. Live very simple life. Then you can stay. Don't do aparadha to any living entity.

Mould you life in such a way that not even a single moment should pass without Krishna's service.

Bhagavatam should be heard by dhiras, who have controlled their minds & senses.

One makes advancement in devotional life according to one's faith.

Disciple should get all the treasure what Guru has got.

Krishna says that my devotee is never to be vanquished. And He reciprocates according to the quality or degree of the devotional service rendered.

If you follow exactly what Guru says, Guru will protect you from maya.

Spiritual life means more you do, more you feel like doing. But material life means more you do, a point comes, you feel boring.

This bhakti process is just like taking food. If you are eating, you feel satisfied. You don't need to ask others. Action speaks how much conviction you have got.

Knowledge comes through service.

After the disappearance of Guru, there is trouble. So the disciple should inquire properly till Guru is physically present. He should inquire about his field of work and the way to do that.

Work hard for Krishna. If you have 50 services in a day, you plan to do 70 services. That is right. Work more than maya. Then she will have no time to disturb you.

Everything is there in Srila Prabhupada's books. You will find all the answers. If you don't find answer, read again and again. You will get the answer.

One cannot come to Vrindavan by purchasing a ticket from any part of the world. You can't realize Vrindavan. When our mind will be purified by giving up desire for sense gratification, only then we can realise Vrindavan.

Krishna Consciousness means lots of Krishna-katha.

Our aim of life is to be recognised by a pure devotee of Lord Krishna.

By increasing your service towards Guru & Gauranga, anarthas will go away by their blessings.

Check deep within your heart! There is an ocean of love for Krishna which you had locked since many lifetimes.

Staying in dhama will be bhoga if you don't serve.

Subtle effects the gross. Subtle body has to be changed by listening hari-katha.

You can check whether your life is changing or not? It is not like doing sadhana mechanically. See! Has your life changed? Is your life becoming peaceful & clean? Have you begot some feelings and devotion for Guru?

We should know what we are lacking and accordingly again and again read, reflect. This is called introspection, what I am doing? Why I am not progressing? Simply reading this, reading this again and again and discussing, we can know, and make progress in devotional service.

Dust of Vrindavana is also transcendental. This is not ordinary dust. Krishna is still tending His cows here. One should be fortunate enough to see Him. One should be free from kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada and matsarya.

Service is for becoming free from Kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mada, matsarya and desire for name, fame, recognition.

Chant just like a child. When a child cries, then father-mother may give the child some chocolate, biscuit. If the child is still unhappy, they may give toy. But if still crying, then the mother takes the child to her lap. Then the child is pacified. We have to cry for God like that. From the core ofour heart, we have to chant like that. Do we chant like that?

We are responsible for our destiny. Krishna is not responsible. We have got free will.

Guru gives specific service according to the nature of a disciple. Thus a disciple can be absorbed in Krishna-seva and get out of maya.

Remain a fool before Guru. Do what he says. Then see the result.

Rupa Goswami wrote a book called Upadeshamrita to instruct us. Prabhupada wants us to read this book and follow its instructions very seriously.

We cannot take name, fame, and big position to spiritual world; we can only take service to Krishna.

Prabhupada says that every night before sleeping and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta says that on every ekadasi, you should introspect how many vaishnava qualities you have developed to become eligible for going back to godhead.

One has to pay the price. You cannot get something very cheaply. If you pay cheap, you will get cheap.

Somebody asked Srila Prabhupada how can I know I am becoming pure. Prabhupada replied, “Very easy. Are you becoming lusty while seeing some sense object? Who can say he is not lusty? If we are honest, then we have hope.

Many come, do many big things. Don't be surprised. But hardly few remain, because everybody will be tested. To become a ‘Vaishnava', to go back to Godhead, you have to be qualified. It requires sadhana. It requirestime. It requires patience. It requires austerity.One has to face challenges, reverses, hardships. He will be tested thoroughly. When he is completely attached to Krishna and Karshna, things dear to Krishna like devotees, dhama, Krishna- katha, Krishna's name, form, beauty, pastimes. And when any other attachments to this material world becomes insignificant and zero, not even iota of attachment to anything of this world, then rest assured, in one life you will go back to Godhead.

Human Life is Sudurlabha. Durlabha means rare. Sudurlabha means rarest of the rare. Make the best use of every second

The more one advances spiritually, the more he becomes humble.

1. Sadhana means you have to do some tapasya. Tapasya means to do what you don't like. 2. Bhaktivinoda Thakur said, “don't get frustrated, stick to it!

You cannot cheat pure devotees. You can only cheat yourself. This is not material life. Oh, I will be cunning! I will cheat them! This is spiritual life. You are cheating yourself. Sad-guru knows what is best for you. He has no interest of his own.

1. Slow and steady, move forward and go Back to Godhead, whether present generation or past generation, anybody can go. 2. Actually pure devotee does not care for going back to Godhead. But in kali-yuga,we are very fallen. So Prabhupada said, “Try to go back to Godhead”.

1. If you find faults with others, You are digging your own Grave of spiritual life. 2. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu becomes very pleased with somebody who doesn't find fault with devotees and chants Hare Krishna. But if you find fault, then no one knows what your future holds.

Stay away from those who are envious of Krishna, help those who are innocent, serve those who are senior to you, keep loving relationship with those who are equal to you.

We should ask ourselves, am I the speaker? If you want some credit by speaking, then you are not the speaker. You are dancing and chanting in front of deity, if you think of people to see and give you name, fame, adoration; then you are not really chanting. This is not the example shown by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His associates.

Materialistic life means life of sense gratification. Spiritual life means trying to please Krishna.

What is the greatest danger? Greatest danger is coming to the cycle of birth, death, old age and disease.

Our goal is how to become Krishna conscious, to associate with sadhus, to become attached to Krishna, to serve Krishna.”

1. Austerity means Mangal Arati, finish your 16 rounds before Mangal Arati. Listen Srimad-Bhagavatam every morning and evening, take Krishna prasadam and nothing from outside, work very-very hard for serving Krishna rest of the time, Don't keep material desires, don't commit offense to vaishnavas. 2. Do as much austerity that you feel as a little difficult. Don't overdo. Instead, our austerity is to get up early in the morning and attend mangal-arati. Do whatever our authority instructs us, even if we don't like it.

1. Bhakti means to develop attachment towards Krishna, anything relating to Krishna. Bring complete attachment towards Krishna & go back to Godhead & have picnic there with Krishna, eating with Madhumangal or Nityananda prabhu's nice Chidha-dahi festival. No disease, be always happy & blissful there. 2. Are you completely attached to Krishna and Karshana, things related to Krishna?

We don't have to imitate our previous acharya's. We just have to follow in their footprints. If we can become the grain of dust of the Six Goswamis and previous Acharyas, then our life will become successful.

If someone really wants to go back to godhead, he must act accordingly. If we want to achieve Phd. 1st class 1st, we have to work hard day and night. Still we may get 2ndclass. But further we can achieve. So whatever we get depends upon our endeavours.

Krishna doesn't see, are you a brahmacari, Grihastha, Vanaprastha or X,Y,Z, He sees how much you are attached to Him.

What comes in the mind means that you have attachment to that.

In the material world, people are fighting for their selfish motives. But Srila Prabhupada has made Iskcon so that everyone can work together for the pleasure of Krishna.

Devotee dedicates his life for satisfaction of the Lord and serves, but the Asura challenges the authority of the Lord.

Strictly follow what Guru says. Don't commit offense towards the vaishnavas, and then, sure, in one life, you will go back to Godhead.

Devotee means “mad citta mad-gata- prana”.‘mad gata' meansKrishna-gata. He cannot live without Krishna! If I don't chant my 16 rounds in the morning, don't listen Hari-katha, whole day I feel like missing something.

Srila Prabhupada told his disciples, “you have 3 main defects – 1. You are very restless. You change everything. 2. You are not much afraid of maya 3. You allow too much free mixing between opposite genders.”

Aim of life is to get eternal bliss, cinmaya-ananda.

It took three lifetimes to Bharat Maharaja to go Back to Godhead. Then what about us? We have to meditate on this.

Bhakti means developing attachment to Krishna & Karshna, service to Krishna and His devotees. Bhakti relates to the heart. Heart relates to attachment. To develop bhakti, you have to develop attachment to Krishna and Karshna.

If we have got even iota of attachment to anything other than Krishna, we have to go there. We cannot go back to Godhead.

In the spiritual world, family life is there, but the actual attraction is Krishna. Mother Yashoda is not that much attached to Nanda maharaja as much she is attached to Krishna. Same is true for Nanda Maharaja also. We should know this. So whether one is a vana-prastha, sanyasi or grihastha, main attraction is Krishna.

Brahmachari – He is doing so much austerity of getting up for mangal arati, cooking for the Guru, thinking that everything he possesses actually belongs to his Guru and completely dedicating his life in the service of Guru. So God is watching that this man is doing so much austerity for his Guru. Prabhupada says “If somebody can remain a brahmachari, 75% of his chances are there of going back to Godhead if he strictly follows his Guru's instruction.

Our business is to develop attachment to Krishna. Actually a devotee wants to become a humble servant of Krishna and a pure devotee.

Prabhupada said, “Don't change what has been taught to you. If you change, then everything will be finished”.

One who does not taste honey, how much he tastes sugar, molasses, guda, yogurt, he cannot know the taste of honey. Better to open the Jar of honey and taste it. And then have the Knowledge of Honey.

Prabhupada says that you have to feel separation from Krishna. Bhakti Siddhanta Thakur says, “If father has to teach the son how to love father-mother, this will be too much. He should feel himself ”. We should know. Is Krishna not our father? We should ask ourselves. Except Krishna and acharyas, no one is our real well – wisher. We have to have some realisation.

Get up early in the morning. Attend mangal arati. Follow four regulative principles nicely. Assosiate with devotees. Listen lectures thoughtfully. Do service. This is what devotional life is.

If we listen hari-katha with love & devotion, it can cleanse our heart from anarthas.

First save yourself, then save others!

Aim of life is to get eternal bliss, cinmaya-ananda.

Devotional life is dynamic, not static.

One may do a lot of service, but to control six anarthas (kama, krodha lobha etc.), that is difficult, very difficult. You will definitely get some credit for your service, but if you want to go back Home, back to Godhead, you must control these anarthas. Krishna is situated in pure goodness which is free from any tinge of these bad qualities.

Simply sitting in mouse holes and criticizing others will not work. There are many things which are making so much sound like radios, televisions. All should be utilized for preaching purpose.

Finish you job in one life of going back to Godhead, so that you don't have to come again and again and get kicks of maya. Guru is there to help you.

After doing one's dharma, whatever it may be, if he does not develop love of Godhead, attraction to Krishna's name, beauty, pastimes, whatever he did is nothing but only waste of labour.

Heart will be cleansed only if you constantly hanker after service to Krishna and His dear devotees.

According to scriptures, one aspect of Giriraj is that he is non-different from Krishna. But another aspect is that He is the greatest devotee of Krishna. This way you can see it inconceivably that devotee and Krishna are same but at the same time different. It is very subtle. You have to chant Hare Krishna, render devotional service, read scriptures, then you will understand.

You cannot cheat pure devotees. You can only cheat yourself. This is not material life. Oh, I will be cunning! I will cheat them! This is spiritual life. You are cheating yourself. Sad-guru knows what is best for you. He has no interest of his own.

Human Life is Sudurlabha. Durlabha means rare. Sudurlabha means rarest of the rare. Make the best use of every second

Our goal is how to become Krishna conscious, to associate with sadhus, to become attached to Krishna, to serve Krishna.

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